What’s Happening at Bexson

Bexson Biomedical Wearable Ketamine Device to be Tested During U.S. Military Training Exercise in August
The biopharmaceutical company is testing with multiple U.S. military branches at Northern Strike to provide Bexson’s BB106 ketamine therapy for pain management for contested environments.
Bexson Biomedical Presents Battlefield-Optimized Wearable Ketamine Device and Novel Therapy to U.S. Military Innovation Leaders
Bexson Biomedical’s CEO, Gregg Peterson, demonstrated the AKESO wearable drug delivery device and discussed the Company’s BB106 ketamine therapy for pain management. 
Bexson Biomedical Issued USPTO Patent on Proprietary Formulation Technology, SEVALENT™
Bexson Biomedical today announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued patent 11,534,454 titled Complexing Agent Salt Formulations of Pharmaceutical Compounds.
Bexson Biomedical and Stevanato Group Awarded PDA Drug Delivery Innovation Award
Bexson Biomedical announced Bexson and Stevanato Group (NYSE: STVN), a leading global provider of drug containment and delivery solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and life sciences industries, have been jointly awarded the Parenteral Drug Association’s (PDA) 2022 Drug Delivery Innovation Partnership Award.
Why Bexson Biomedical Hacked Ketamine for Pain Management
In September, the company won patent protection for its SeValent novel formulation technology that would enable at-home therapy with a wearable device instead of in-hospital IV delivery. The on-body delivery system, developed jointly with Stevanato Group, includes a prefilled sterilized subcutaneous pump. While Bexson is first exploring ketamine, the system could be used with numerous drug types, including antibiotics, psychedelics and new chemical entities with poor oral bioavailability.
Bexson Biomedical Announces Participation in the Jeffries Innovation in Mental Health Summit
Bexson’s Chief Executive Officer, Gregg Peterson, and Chief Scientific Officer, Jeffrey Becker, are scheduled to present on Thursday, September 22nd, 2022 in New York City, NY and will discuss various new and innovative therapies for the treatment of mental health. Management will be participating in investor one-on-one meetings while in attendance.
Bexson Biomedical Announces Renowned Scientist, Engineer and Inventor, Robert S. Langer ScD, Joins Its Scientific Advisory Board
Bexson Biomedical, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company focused on disrupting the $189 billion small molecule injectable market and enabling home health solutions, today announced the appointment of Robert S. Langer ScD, MIT David H. Koch Institute Professor and Co-founder of Moderna, to its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).
Three Birds, One Excipient: Development of an Improved pH, Isotonic, and Buffered Ketamine Formulation for Subcutaneous Injection -- Wallach 2022
Optimal subcutaneous formulations of ketamine would have a pH and osmolality close to physiological levels without compromising on concentration or injection volume; the same strategy has potential to be readily adapted to other amine-based APIs.
Developing an on-body platform for effective post-operative pain management
In this article, Paolo Golfetto, Drug Delivery Systems Business Development Director at Stevanato Group, and Sheldon Moberg, Senior Vice-President of Drug Delivery at Bexson Biomedical, discuss an urgent requirement to meet an unmet patient need.
Bexson Biomedical Granted USPTO Patent Allowance on Proprietary Formulation Technology, SeVALENT™
Bexson’s formulation platform, branded as SeVALENT™, is the basis for the Company’s lead ketamine therapy, BB106. The Company believes this patent allowance expands the potential utility of its formulation technology, SeVALENT™, to other small molecules. SeVALENT™ is designed to enable intravenous (IV)-only therapies to now be delivered subcutaneously in a controlled manner for use in the home setting.
Bexson Biomedical's CSO Says Subcutaneous Ketamine Could Treat Wide Range Of Health Issues
Bexson Biomedical recently signed a deal with the Stevanato Group to develop a subcutaneous delivery system of ketamine.
Stevanato Group S.p.A. and Bexson Biomedical, Inc. Expand Collaboration to Treat a Range of Mental Health Conditions With an On-body Device
Italian-based Stevanato Group S.p.A., a global provider of drug containment, drug delivery and diagnostic solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and life sciences industries, and Bexson Biomedical, Inc., a research stage company developing subcutaneous therapies for pain management and mental health disorders, announced today that they have signed an agreement expanding their collaboration...
Bexson Biomedical Announces Publication of Peer Reviewed Article Describing Novel Ketamine Formulation
Bexson's lead formulation involves ketamine, which blocks the NMDA receptor, a fundamental unit in pain signaling. Ketamine is already delivered by doctors in management of severe pain through intravenous infusion, but healthcare providers are limited by current formulations, thus reducing access and increasing the procedural cost of care.
Bexson Biomedical Announces Expansion to Treat Major Depression with Wearable Ketamine Formulation
"We are pleased with the clear guidance we received from FDA regarding our preclinical and clinical programs developing BB106," said Gregg Peterson, Bexson Biomedical CEO. "FDA approval is a long process, but every milestone reached is one step closer to providing patients with an alternative to opioids for pain management."
Bexson Biomedical Launches New Project, Applying Subcutaneous Delivery Technology To Multiple Psychedelic Compounds For Therapeutic Use
Controlled subcutaneous delivery of psychedelics and empathogens can offer numerous advantages over other routes of administration, including reduced GI side effects, more consistent bioavailability, and better control over treatment onset and exit. And compared to IV administration, subcutaneous administration can provide reduced cost and increased patient comfort.
Labroots – Tweaked Version of Ketamine Could Solve the Opioid Crisis
Medications that manage post-operative pain are some of the main entry points to opioid addiction and overdose in the US, which kills roughly 50,000 Americans each year. Alternatives for pain management are thus crucial to address this issue.
Bexson Biomedical Granted USPTO Patent On Proprietary Ketamine Formulation
BB106 is formulated for subcutaneous delivery, which could make ketamine-based pain management a viable alternative to opioids.
Bexson Biomedical Hires Veteran Medical Device Development Leader, Will Focus On New Dosing & Delivery Solutions For Controlled Substances
Sheldon Moberg joins Bexson as Senior VP Drug Delivery, where he'll lead the development of proprietary devices that can make controlled substances and other therapies more accessible.
Bexson Biomedical Raises $4.8 Million In Oversubscribed Series A
Capital will be used to further develop the Company's proprietary ketamine therapies and a wearable device for delivery of controlled substances.
Battling Opioid Addiction With Technology – Breakthroughs In Wearable Devices
Over the last several years, opioid addiction has become a major issue. Despite efforts to combat this drug epidemic, 2019 saw over 50,000 deaths because of this issue. Likewise, over 40 percent of these deaths were related to pharmaceuticals like oxycontin.
Stevanato Group And Bexson Biomedical Announce Collaboration To Develop A Customized Wearable Ketamine Delivery Device
Patients suffering from chronic and acute pain disorders will benefit from a convenient, discreet, and easy-to-use device delivering a novel alternative to opioid-based pain management.
This Wearable Ketamine Device Could Be The Future Of Pain Management
Currently in the middle of a $4 million Series A funding round, Bexson is still in pre-clinical development. The research stage company will start animal testing this year, with plans to launch a phase one clinical trial in 2021. Peterson says if all goes well, Bexson’s wearable ketamine delivery system could be approved by the FDA for post-op pain by 2026.
Bexson Biomedical To Co-Host Virtual Ketamine Conference
Bexson Biomedical, Inc. will be co-hosting "The Ketamine Conference – A Molecular Masterclass" on August 21-22. The two-day virtual conference will include 12 different panel sessions focused on the latest science, clinical innovations, and investment opportunities with ketamine. Experts from around the globe will be participating as panel speakers and moderators.
Bexson Biomedical Adds Industry Leader Bill Carson as an Advisor
Bexson Biomedical, Inc. announced the addition of Bill Carson, MD as advisor to the company. Dr. Carson brings a valuable perspective to Bexson's R&D program and guidance for its novel ketamine delivery platform.
Bexson Biomedical Announces New Appointment to Board of Directors
Bexson Biomedical, Inc. today announced the expansion of its Board of Directors with the addition of Itai Danovitch, MD, MBA. Dr. Danovitch is an independent director and brings extensive experience guiding innovative biopharma companies from start-up through accelerated growth.
Bexson Biomedical's Chief Scientific Officer Speaks to Ketamine Leaders at ASKP Conference
Bexson Biomedical's Chief Scientific Officer, Jeffrey Becker, M.D., recently spoke at the annual meeting for the American Society of Ketamine Physicians (ASKP) in Denver, CO. Clinicians and multi-disciplinary thought leaders from around the country and world attended ASKP's two-day conference focused on the latest research and clinical best practices for ketamine, a drug that is finding increasing utility for a wide range of disorders in pain management and mental health.