We are Bexson Biomedical.

We are a biopharmaceutical company focused on unlocking the potential of new and existing drugs.

We were born out of the desperate need for potent, non-addictive pain management options.

We began leveraging decades of clinical experience and a goal to transform the care of debilitating medical and mental health conditions. Here is the story…

October 2017

Bexson Biomedical incorporated.

February 2019

Bexson granted FDA orphan designation to treat CRPS with a ketamine therapy.

July 2019

Contracted with Thermo Fisher Scientific to perform GMP manufacturing of Bexson’s ketamine therapy.

December 2019

Completed BB106 ketamine formulation development for subcutaneous delivery.

January 2020

Completed BB106 ketamine formulation development for subcutaneous delivery.

September 2020

Bexson & Stevanato Group co-development agreement for a tamper-resistant wearable infusion device.

November 2020

Filed 5 new provisional patent applications focused on subcutaneous delivery of psychedelic, empathogen and NMDA-receptor antagonist compounds.

December 2020

Launched Project Hermes to develop proprietary formulations of existing psychedelic compounds, designed for subcutaneous delivery.

January 2021

Complete $4.8M Seed Round financing.

February 2021

Initiated IND-enabling animal studies with BB106.

March 2021

Launched Bexson Discovery, developing new compounds targeting the NMDA receptor.

April 2021

Bexson granted USPTO patent on subcutaneous ketamine formulation.

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July 2021

Completed $7.3M Series A Financing.

August 2021

Successful Pre-IND FDA guidance for BB106 to treat acute pain.

July 2022

“USPTO Allowance of SeValent™ formulation technology” covering the application of SeVALENT to ANY molecule regardless of class.

Bexson and Partners are free to explore applications to existing drugs and new chemical entities that have yet to be discovered.

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October 2022

Drug Delivery Innovation Awards – Partnership Category

2022 Universe of Pre-Filled Syringes and Injection Devices Conference, Palm Springs, CA on October 18, 2022

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Developing our BB106 non-opioid therapy for pain management and leveraging our SeValent™ platform are the focus of our R&D. Bexson is poised to disrupt the $189 billion (growing to $347 billion by 2030) injectable drug delivery market.

Our SeValent™ technology provides pharmacokinetic solutions for new and existing drugs across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Motivated to Achieve Societal Impact

Based out of Santa Barbara, California.

Meet the Team

Background & Experience

Our experienced team has a strong background in health innovation, clinical development and IP creation. Expertise in Pharma with Over 20 FDA Approvals and Leaders in Med-Tech Device Development with more than 130 US Patents.


We are developing a formulation technology platform & a subcutaneous delivery platform for controlled delivery of critical medications in need of pharmacokinetic innovation.