Bexson Biomedical Granted USPTO Patent On Proprietary Ketamine Formulation

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., April 29, 2021

Bexson Biomedical, Inc., a research-stage company developing therapies and delivery solutions for pain management, addiction and mental health indications, announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted Bexson U.S. Pat. No. 10,973,780, describing pharmaceutical formulations and treatment methods including the company's BB106 ketamine therapy. Bexson believes the new utilities identified in this patent will allow safety, comfort and pharmacokinetics that greatly improve ketamine administration for multiple routes of administration, including subcutaneous.

Formulated for subcutaneous delivery, Bexson's ketamine-based pain therapy aims to be an alternative to opioids.

The patent is directed to Bexson's ketamine formulation that is specifically tuned to the pH and osmolality of subcutaneous tissue, and applies to racemic ketamine, as well as the R or S  enantiomers. This patent represents Bexson's first application of these innovations to enable a subcutaneous ketamine delivery platform designed for management of pain disorders and mental health conditions. Bexson is also applying this formulation technology to innovate other high value medications in need of non-oral delivery solutions, including new chemical entities and research chemicals in the psychedelic medicine space. The company feels this technology could unlock new utility with this platform technology, and make these therapies accessible to patients in a manner not currently available.

"This technology provides a great new benefit for patients. We believe that the subcutaneous route of administration is perhaps the best method to deliver a controlled substance in a controlled manner," said Jeffrey Becker, MD, Bexson co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer.  "Ketamine is just one compound to which we can apply our formulation technology. We look forward to developing additional therapies to improve the viability of exciting controlled substances, including psychedelics and empathogens, for health conditions like chronic pain, addiction, PTSD and depression. "

"From Bexson's inception, we have focused on therapies with three core attributes – a large market opportunity with a compelling benefit for our society, a pathway for FDA approval, and innovative technology that is a distinct improvement over current art. The patent process is a long road and we are pleased to see this first one be issued," said Gregg Peterson, Bexson co-founder and CEO.

The company is engaging FDA to prepare for clinical trials evaluating its patented ketamine formula delivered subcutaneously. In parallel, Bexson is developing a wearable patch pump in partnership with Italian drug delivery and medical device manufacturer, Stevanato Group, to allow for controlled delivery from a pre-filled, pre-sterilized wearable device.

Bexson Biomedical, Inc. is a research stage company developing therapies for a wide variety of pain management, addiction and mental health disorders. The company's lead indication for its BB106 therapy for chronic and acute pain management. Pain following surgery is a $12 billion market and a leading cause of opioid abuse and addiction. Visit at: