Bexson Biomedical Announces Publication of Peer Reviewed Article Describing Novel Ketamine Formulation

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., March 16, 2022

Bexson Biomedical, Inc., a company developing subcutaneously delivered therapies for pain management, addiction and mental health disorders, announced today the publication of a peer-reviewed paper in MDPI describing the company's novel formulation technology, applied to ketamine. The work was performed in collaboration with Jason Wallach, at the University of the Sciences, Philadelphia. The article, Three Birds, One Excipient, was co-authored by Jason Wallach, James Gamrat, Rebekah Jauhola-Straight, Jeffrey Becker, and Thomas Eckrich.

The research describes the development of Bexson Biomedical's novel technology designed to optimize the pH and osmolality of drug solutions for subcutaneous delivery. This breakthrough will allow for administration of many other small-molecule drugs through the subcutaneous tissue just under the skin.

"We are just starting to understand how far reaching this repurposing technology may be."

Bexson's lead formulation involves ketamine, which blocks the NMDA receptor, a fundamental unit in pain signaling. Ketamine is already delivered by doctors in management of severe pain through intravenous infusion, but healthcare providers are limited by current formulations, thus reducing access and increasing the procedural cost of care. This new formulation is designed to pair with a small, wearable pump device to provide patients and providers with a convenient, non-opioid treatment for chronic and acute pain management.

Bexson researchers have also confirmed their formulation technique can be applied to additional drug molecules in need of innovation or repurposing, including many psychedelics and empathogens. Subcutaneous delivery via wearable devices and dose-metered pen-injectors can innovate delivery of psychedelic and non-psychedelic medications.

"We believe our technology will solve many of the challenges facing psychedelic medicine," said Jeffrey Becker, MD, Bexson's Chief Scientific Officer. "This peer-reviewed publication also points towards the novel properties of our psychedelic formulations, which can offer reliability, convenience, rapid dosing attunement and reduction in GI side-effects. We are thrilled with the results we're seeing."

"It has been gratifying to establish a new approach to subcutaneous formulations that can allow fine tuning to tissues without compromising on potency," said Jason Wallach, PhD, Bexson's lead medicinal chemistry consultant. "We are also successfully applying this novel strategy to a wide variety of existing medications and scaffolds, and are just starting to understand how far reaching this repurposing technology may be."

Bexson Biomedical, Inc. is a research stage company developing BB106, a ketamine therapy for pain management and mental health disorders. Pain following surgery is a $12 billion market and a leading cause of opioid abuse and addiction. The Company is also applying their proprietary delivery platform to several psychedelic and non-psychedelic compounds. Visit at: