Pharmaceutical technology for liquid formulations.
A patented 7-Valence Salt revolutionizing small molecule repurposing.

Graduating IV to At-Home Use

Improve Health Economics

Renewed IP Protection

The Power to Concentrate

Our 7-valence salt technology utilizes molecules that are already FDA-approved. The result: De-risked therapies. At home. Lower costs. Better patient comfort.

Small but powerful.

Bexson’s breakthrough technology optimizes therapies, that previously damage tissue, to be comfortably delivered subcutaneously.

Into the Science

The cyclodextrin used in SeVALENT™ is sulfobutylether-β-cyclodextrin (SBE-β-CD), an FDA-approved beta cyclodextrin excipient with polar substitutions added to the sugar units to allow it to be filtered by the kidney in urinary elimination. Of the four FDA-approved cyclodextrin excipients, only SBE-β-CD can be used to create salts to increase solubility of ionized drug products.

Finally, a modular new pharmaceutical salt technology is available that solves the inherent problems with subcutaneous delivery.

Formulation Properties

SeValent™ solves the three factors that commonly hinder subcutaneous formulations: pH, osmolality, and volume.

Program Benefits

Offering renewed patent life-cycle with IV level bioavailability to provide health economic cost savings via home and remote care.

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Important Insight

Bexson’s SeVALENT™ technology uses cyclodextrin anionic substitutions as counterions to produce highly soluble multi-valent pharmaceutical salts for patented liquid formulation.

Our current approach makes use of the approved excipient Captisol®, but other variations are possible and protected under Bexson’s broad platform patent allowance.

Creating a modular platform with strong IP protection.

Notice of Official Allowance

In July of 2022, the USPTO notified Bexson of an allowance covering the application of SeVALENT™ to any molecule that has an ionizable nitrogen for liquid formulations. This covers any molecule regardless of therapeutic area, including New Chemical Entities (NCEs) not yet invented.

Furthermore, this allowance also applies to “prodrugs,” enabling the innovation of molecules not containing the nitrogen for salt formation.

On-Body Delivery System

A new avenue in repurposing existing molecules.

Partnering with the Stevanato Group, we are creating the first modular, pre-filled, and pre-sterilized subcutaneous pump that can be utilized to deliver numerous drugs.

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