Benefits of Partnership via SeValent™ Technology

SeValent™ can rejuvenate value therapies by allowing subcutaneous delivery of compounds that are currently limited to IV administration.

Expand the potential small molecule therapies by attuning dosage & PK control with a patient friendly delivery, leading to procedural cost savings.

Enable Home Health Delivery

Improve Health Economics

Renewed IP Protection

Patient Convenience

Enabling home health solutions

Set, Setting, and Cost are Key: Bexson innovations create a new pathway for the safe and controlled administration of parenteral medications, potentially transforming the care and cost of debilitating medical and mental health conditions.

Program Benefits

SeValent™ Platform Provides
Program Examples
Actuating Psychedelics

SeValent™ Platform Provides

Licensing partners and their therapies will benefit from:

The SEVALENT™ Platform: Lowers systemic cost and can provide at-home or in-clinic use.
Renewed IP Protection

Extend patent-life or achieve formulation-like NCE

Procedural Cost Savings

Lowering procedural burdens

Treatment Consistency

Precise response across patients and across treatments

Attuning dosage and PK control

Control the “in and out”

Decreased Side Effects

Lowered metabolite exposure and response variability

Higher Drug Bioavailability

Improve Cmax and Tmax

Continuous delivery and bolus dosing

Achieve steady state or as needed delivery

Reducing Tampering and Diversion

Built in regulatory advantage

The ability to receive drugs at-home or in-clinic

Three Program Examples



Critical need for more and better PTSD treatment options PTSD costs society billions in health care & lost productivity


Address a long felt need for a treatment & ROA designed for the psychiatrist’s office Develop an indication that expands beyond TRD, which is becoming crowded with empathogens & 5HT2A agonists

Market Opportunity

$2.3B global1

1 Coherent Market Research

Why Ketamine?



DMT is the prototypical psychedelic but:

  • Inhaled is too fast and strong. 
  • IV delivery is expensive, & psychiatrists don’t offer IVs
  • Oral dosing requires dangerous MAO inhibitors


DMT shows strong potential in mental health if you can control entry, altitude and exit of the experience. Bexson's Sub-Q DMT + pump can manage this gracefully.

Market Opportunity

$1.2B global1

1 Coherent Market Research

Why DMT?


IV-only infusion treatments are very expensive.4 Requires in-clinic IV administration or very expensive at home services.


Moving from IV to SubQ wearable delivery will improve patient safety & convenience. Large cost savings by removing clinic and daily IV services. 505b2 regulatory pathway

Market Opportunity

>$1.5B U.S.5

4 JAMA Network Open. 2022
5 Research and Markets (Dec 2021)

Why Dalbavancin?

Actuating Psychedelics

SeValent™ fixes numerous problems: “Empowering Delivery in Mental Health”


Decriminalization efforts have obscured awareness of the need for diversion control for scheduled drugs for FDA approval.


Bexson’s wearable system is specifically designed with layered protections against drug diversion and tampering.

Diversion & Tamper Control


Psychiatrists do not offer IV service. IV drug delivery is expensive, medicalized & uncomfortable.


Drug delivery by a wearable, pre-programmed device reduces cost and is much more patient friendly. Matches the cultural and practical realities of the target specialty - PSYCHIATRY.

Reduce IV Burden & Cost


Oral dosing sends medicine through the GI tract, which is laden with 5HT2A receptors, causing nausea, vomiting and malaise with psychedelics.


SubQ administration skips the GI tract to substantially reduce side effects, and improve psychic aspects of the treatment.

Reduce Side Effects


Oral dosing sends drug by the liver creating large variations in blood level and response. Correct therapeutic effect should not be so hard to achieve.


SubQ delivery avoids the GI tract and early drug metabolism, instead going through SubQ tissue into the bloodstream.

Reduce Patient Variability


Waiting for onset and multiple hour timeframes with oral dosing is not a viable model in many cases


Bexson’s Subcutaneous formulations & wearable device offer full control of ONSET, ALTITUDE & LANDING of a treatment. Wearable subQ infusion can be thought of as a pocket IV.

Ensure Response & Shorten Duration


Bexson's formulation technology for small molecules provides patent renewal/reinvigoration.


This applies to Sub-Q, IM, IV and Intranasal preparations.


SeValent™ Formulation IP also covers known molecules, as well as not yet created NCEs and Prodrugs.


This also includes lyophilized formulations reconstituted on-site for delivery (e.g.- antibiotics, anti-viral, anti-fungal).

Powerful Formulation IP

A modular platform with strong IP protection: USPTO allowance covering the application of SeValent™ to any molecule that has an ionizable nitrogen. Applicable to any molecule regardless of therapeutic area, including NCEs not yet invented.

Drug Development Platform

A dynamic programmable drug delivery platform that can be repurposed for various drugs.