Bexson Biomedical is developing a non-opioid therapy for chronic and acute pain management based upon a unique formulation of ketamine for subcutaneous delivery. Ketamine is an anesthetic with powerful pain relieving properties. Bexson is is solving the pharmacokinetic issues presented by this useful molecule to allow exquisite control over dosing and achieve pain relief in multiple pain disorders.  A safe and effective low-dose ketamine strategy for use in the home environment will be a game changer for difficult to treat pain conditions. It would reimagine pain management.  

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We've got a huge problem. 

Pain management is both a miracle and curse in modern medicine–it seems we can’t live with it and we can’t live without it. Every year up to 160,000 Americans become addicted to opioid medication, even with appropriate standard of care.2 Stakeholders in pain management agree that this is unacceptable, but solutions have been elusive.      

There is an answer. 

Ketamine offers massive untapped potential in everyday pain management. Ketamine has powerful and proven efficacy in pain management that rivals strong opioids. Approved for use in anesthesia in 1970, ketamine also produces powerful analgesia at low doses and has a favorable safety profile. Ketamine has also been shown to block the processes that turn as short term pain signal into lasting chronic pain conditions.   

Ketamine is known to help avert the development of hyperalgesia–a common process wherein appropriate pain in response to injury graduates to become its own life-destroying entity. While treating acute pain directly, ketamine also stops the development of chronic pain as well. Unfortunately, opioids produce exactly the opposite effect.    


Despite amazing potential, ketamine is not available outside of the hospital or clinic due to pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic issues. Bexson's innovations solve that problem.   


Bexson’s lead development project is a new subcutaneous delivery system that includes formulation innovations tuned to a minimally invasive, wearable, subcutaneous infusion pump with anti-diversion properties. The safety and dynamic dosing control offered by our product will be a game changer in acute and chronic pain management. The United States and the world are desperately in need of powerful non-addictive pain treatments and Bexson Biomedical is meeting that need. 


In February 2019 Bexson was granted orphan status for ketamine in the treatment of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome by the FDA. In parallel, we pursue large-market acute and chronic pain indications.